Thursday, June 26, 2008

Already in full swing!

Tati and I arrived 3 days ago in Colima, Mexico and have been teaching and setting my work Images from the Embers on modern dancers here.  We have been so impressed by the quality of the dancers.  They have beautiful alignment and training.  Their training facility at the University of Colima is gorgeous, large sprung wood floor studios with 2 story tall ceilings.  The theatre in which we will perform when the company arrives seats 1000 and was built 2 years ago. It has state of the art lighting and sound systems.  It is quite grand in size!  Tati and I teach in the mornings, rehearse and teach again in the afternoon. The city is quite colorful with tropical gardens and plazas full of people.  The early evenings are when a cool breeze sweeps through the hot streets and people sit for coffee and drinks at sidewalk cafes. Life in Colima has a pace which feels very natural and alive.  Off to class! 


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