Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kelly's POV: The dancers have arrived!

All of the DTSB&CO dancers made it to Mexico safe and sound! We are having such a wonderful time here. Colima is such a beautiful city, the dancers at the university are amazing, and the people of Colima are so warm and friendly.

It is Thursday, and the university students had their final rehearsal with Dana this morning. They have been learning the Paper Section from Images from the Embers over the past 4 days. Throughout this process the dancers have demonstrated how intelligent and talented they are. This section is not easy, yet they have managed to not only learn the movement and timing, etc...but also the subtle nuances and character elements within the work. Everyone in the company is so proud of them!

Today is the tech-in for the concert. Maja, our technical director, has been working in the theatre all week with her tech crew, prepping for the concert tomorrow night. The theatre is a new and beautiful contemporary building. We are all very excited to perform in Colima with the university students!

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