Thursday, June 18, 2009

Parting Thoughts

Group photo at Tati's parents home where we were treated to amazing Peruvian desserts

I arrived back to DC yesterday and it was a thought filled flight back. Our experiences in Peru were wonderful and our performances unprecedented. I was struck by so many moments in Peru from the breathtaking performances of the company in Lima to the wonderful moments interacting with my friends in Lima.

Lovely after-performance party at he Gonzales home

I want to especially thank our friends at the US Embassy, Ambassador McKinley, Linda Gonzales, Paul Dugan, Vanessa Wagner and Jose Carlos Requena for their support and thoughtful guidance. I also would like to say a special hello to Johann, Milagros and Mecho, Qui Que and Desiree, Pachi and Bibi, Vera, Olga and Juan. Perhaps one of the greatest gifts of performing abroad comes in the form of the personal friendships which are forged through the arts and which ultimately inform us as creative artists and bond us globally.

Sightseeing in Lima

I look forward to seeing everyone in Lima again next year! A huge thank you to all.


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