Sunday, July 12, 2009

Philadelphia Retreat

Hi Everyone,
I have been in Philadelphia on a retreat regarding learning assessments and leadership in education. As the new Chair of the Theatre and Dance Department, GWU was kind enough to sponsor my participation at the AAC&U Conference.

It has been wonderful to catch up on learning rubrics and assessments while getting to know colleagues and hear about how other disciplines problem solve in their fields. I have been enjoying thinking about how to apply best practices in education to dance.

As many of you may recall DTSB&Co actually started out as a youth program for Asian American high school students in the District and teaching is still a major part of our company focus. You may know us from seeing us on stage, but DTSB&Co oversees dozens of master classes, educational residencies, lectures, demonstrations, panel discussions and conducts a summer program each year. We are constantly working with youth around the region as well as while on tour. We tie our programs to the parameters of what the focus of our repertoire is each season and we have such an exciting season coming up this year!!!

Pictured are Douglas Boyce (music), Elizabeth Chacko (geography), Heather Schell (Writing) and myself. Dean Paul Duff from GWU took the photo while we were down on South Street. It is a wonderful time at the GWU University where community partnerships and outreach are a focus.

Returning today with much inspiration!


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