Friday, March 25, 2011

Performance day!

Friday was performance day for DTSB&Co in Ulaanbaatar. In the morning we headed to the Puppet Theater which is part of the National Academic Drama Theatre in the center of Ulaanbaatar. The floor of the stage turned out to be a bit of a challenge. It was made of wood but the planks were uneven. Eventually a marley floor was delivered and for the performance a layer of felt and the marley floor was used. It worked just fine.

National Academic Drama Theatre

Puppet Theatre entrance

Beautiful seating

Curtain detail

Floor discussion

As the theater was being prepared for the performance the dancers had time wander around the theater and neighborhood shopping and seeing the sights.
A ger (or yurt) that serves as a souvenir shop in the warmer tourist season.

Trying on hats at a souvenir shop that was open

And back at the theater there were several fun places to hang

The Puppet Theatre box office

The evening performance was a great success with an appreciative audience that included US Ambassador Addelton and his wife Fiona along with the wife of the Mongolian prime minister. Six dances were performed including two choreographed by Dana for the Tumen Ekh dancers. After the performance Dana answered questions from the audience and then Dana and the Tumen Ekh dancers expressed their mutual appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this cultural exchange between the US and Mongolia. T. Otgonsuren, the director of Tumen Ekh, and his dancers presented Dana and his dancers with gifts that will keep Mongolia in our hearts and minds. Dialogue continued at a nice reception held in the lobby after the performance.

Dana answers questions from the audience

A Tumen Ekh dancer relates his experience working with DTSB&Co


Dancers with the ambassador, his wife Fiona, the Tumen Ekh choreographer and her husband.

A parting group shot!

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