Monday, May 14, 2012

DTSB&Co in Jordan: Teaching and Sightseeing in Amman

It's hard to believe that today is our last full day in Jordan. Our last few days here have been so full that they've gone by unusually fast.

On Saturday we came into Amman to teach workshops at the Princess Bosma Center for Youth. We taught two sessions; one for young women and one for young men.  Most (if not all) of them had never studied modern dance, so we were introducing them to some of its most basic concepts.  Unlike our classes at King's Academy, many of these students did not speak English, so we worked with a translator to communicate. We were all impressed by how gracious the kids were and how hard they worked at something that was entirely unfamiliar to them.

We also got the chance to walk around Amman a little bit. We visited a neighborhood called Sofia, which was very Western and had many of the shops that we were familiar with from the states.  Another neighborhood, El Hashmi, gave us more of a flavor of Jordanian culture. We tried some excellent pastries there called sambousek that were baked fresh in a small shop. It was just one of many delicious things we've had to eat on this trip.

We'll send updates soon from our performance at the Zhakarev of Motion festival, which we were set to perform at on Monday evening.

--- Sarah Halzack

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