Saturday, January 12, 2008

A day in the studio

Thursday January 10
In the morning we were back at the studio to warm-up and then do a run-through of the performance pieces. In mid afternoon Dana taught a Master class to students from a local college some of whom are also in John Britto's company. After class our dancers did a couple short pieces to demonstrate modern dance. Then the college students performed one of their high energy dances that they have performed and used in dance competitions. The students did so well in class and their enthusiasm and hard work was very gratifying to see.

In the evening we were invited to dinner at the residence of General Council of the United States. Several US diplomats attended as well as members of a Classical Indian Dance group from Bangalore. It was a wonderful evening of good Indian food and great conversations in a lovely home.

Friday January 11
we all took a day off to go sight seeing. Two of John Britto's dancers took us to Mamallapuram Temple about an hour and a half south of Chennai. It was nice to get out of bustling Chennai and climb around the stone carvings and other interesting structures of this ancient shore temple. The cool breezes of the Bay of Bengal felt very nice on this hot sunny day.

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