Thursday, January 10, 2008

The dancers have arrived

Wednesday January 9
The dancers and Maja the lighting designer arrived early Tuesday morning. So the company is all here! We are now ready for the rehearsals and master classes leading up to the performance on Sunday. After checking into the hotel we took the company on a tour of some of the places
Kelly and I thought were interesting so we headed to the beautiful and spiritual Kapaleeshwarer Temple and to the shopping mall to haggle over silk scarves, sandalwood trinkets and embroidered cotton clothing. We also had lunch outdoors at a cool restaurant called Mocha.

The dancers then visited John Britto's studio where his dancer Apu was teaching a children's class. At the end of class the children lined up for a special handshake that they have taught me.

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Lynda said...

glad to hear everyone made it there safely. looking forward to pics and possibly video of the performance. have fun! oh, and make sure laura gets in there and haggles for her siblings presents! :-)