Saturday, July 26, 2008

Heartfelt Thanks

Yesterday at the Ballet San Marcos we had a wonderful showing of dance technique and 5 choreographic works. The dancers were really wonderful and the audience very interested. One audience member said that he felt a very liberated and free feeling from viewing the the work which was different than what he had seen before. The company presented works from Chino Latino, a new work and also a work I created for them 2 years ago. It was so interesting for me to see the work years later and to recall where I was creatively and emotionally then. It was like an amazing time capsule. I want to thank all the dancers, Vera Stasny and Henri Harman for all their support! Warmest, Dana

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Juan Salas said...

I just want to say, Thanks to you Dana, for those amazing weeks. We enjoy soo much your pressence here; work with you was a unique experencie. We hope honor your work, puting thesse on a stage it more we can. We are wating for your next vissit. Again thanks a lot.