Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Training Techniques

Rehearsals continue and much improvement is occurring! The dancers have learned a group work, two duets and one solo now. We have a showing on Friday at 12 noon of the dances at the San Marcos Casona. We will also demonstrate how we are training in class as well. Because the dance classes are quite different from what we are learning in my class, I decided to slow down today and tackle specific issues of body alignment in a special workshop. It was great to take a moment to explore in duos, specific issues of alignment. We will apply what we discovered tomorrow in our daily technique class tomorrow morning. It is great to have several weeks to really go in-depth with the work.

On another note to stay in shape, I have been going to a gym around the corner and have been exchanging ideas on training with several trainers there who are interested in the work I do to stay in shape that Connie taught me using the gymnastic ball.

I am off to have dinner with Tati's sister Pachi now. She is a wonderful dancer as well and is a judge on a very popular TV Show here similar to the US show Dancing with the Stars.


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