Friday, July 18, 2008

Lima City Life

I just finished my first full week in Lima. What a fabulous city. Lima is a complete juxtaposition of old and new. I always feel at home here. There is a strange calm within all the calamity of everyday life in Lima. There is an incredible traffic problem here right now due to a new bus route that is being built. So the traffic is crazy. Once I get to downtown, I teach for 2 hours, rehearse for 4 with a small break and tackle the traffic to get back to my hotel. The weather has been sunny for this winter season. I have been connecting with old friends and having dinner at many of Lima's amazing restaurants. Lima has the best restaurants I have ever eaten in.

The Ballet San Marcos dancers have been great and I am setting 4 short pieces on them. We will have a work in progress showing next Friday! Vera Stasny, the director of the Ballet San Marcos, is working on a new fully accredited degree program and we speak daily about structure and process. Looking forward to seeing Elvi, Ralph and Kathy again tonight who are back from Cuzco.

More soon!


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