Monday, July 14, 2008

On to Peru

Our performance in Guadalajara was incredibly well received and it was so difficult to leave our new dance friends in Mexico. We hope to return very soon!

I arrived in Lima very early yesterday. I am just re-adjusting to the climate now. I have gone from extreme heat in Colima to rain in Guadalajara to winter in Lima. It is like moving through the seasons of the year in just a few weeks. I am looking forward to getting to work Monday with the Ballet San Marcos. I had a wonderful meeting with Vera Stasny the Director of the Ballet San Marcos at the San Marcos University yesterday. We are very excited to have the program begin. Lima is always full of evergy, interesting artists, great food and colorful sights.

Elvi Moore is in town and we are going to see the Wong Parade together. Wong was a Chinese Peruvian who started a huge supermarket chain. Every year he traditionally had a parade for his employees. Having seen it before, it is quite an amazing event. Dances from all over Peru and bands will flood the streets.

The dance begins! ;)

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