Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sarah's POV: Hola!

Hola! It's hard to believe we have already been in Mexico for a week. The time seems to be passing so quickly!

We've had many memorable experiences so far in both Colima and Guadalajara, but one that was particularly unique was appearing with Dana on a television news program in Colima to talk about our performance. I studied Spanish in high school and college, but my mastery of the language is far from perfect. Therefore, I spent a lot of time the night before the appearance trying to brush up on my speaking and anticipate the types of questions that would be asked. But, alas, the anchors didn't end up asking me any of the questions I thought they would! I struggled through the interview, but I just smiled and did my best. I think it was a good example of how important it is to just roll with the punches and keep a sense of humor about things when you're in an unfamiliar culture.

Nevertheless, Dana and I had a great time visiting the television station and observing how similar it was to local television stations in the States.

We arrived in Guadalajara yesterday. The first thing I noticed is that the temperature is much cooler than in Colima. The cool evening breeze feels refreshing and relaxing.

Today we visited a market called San Juan a Dios. It was a bustling and interesting place that was packed with locals and tourists alike. Aisle after aisle was filled with a broad assortment of items; some shops peddled souvenirs and tourist trinkets, while others featured raw pig's feet or wheel barrels brimming with peanuts, spices, or even dog food! It was a great way to see and buy a little slice of Mexican culture.

In addition the all the fun we're having dancing and being immersed in another culture, I think this trip (like all of our other tours) has been a great chance for the company members to bond and build camaradie. Touring is a real pleasure because the company is comprised of people who are warm, caring and always make me laugh!


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Anonymous said...

Hola! from PAPA!! Glad you are enjoying the cultural experience of it all. sound like a really nice place. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Say hey to everyone, especially Dana from us!