Saturday, June 6, 2009

Arrival in Cusco

Hi Everyone!!

We arrived in Cuzco Tuesday, after a 20 hour trip from door to door of our hotel. With slight weather delays and tight security checks, I seemed to always be the last one on all our planes! Luckily we all made it here to Cuzco.

The high altitude here allows for clarity of distance and beautiful Andean views. It is warm in the day and very cool at night, much like the high desert I grew up in as a child in NM. But Cusco is almost double in altitude, so for the first day I thought I would just sit and not move everytime I tried to walk up a hill. It takes days to adjust.

After beginning to acclimate to the high altitude which affects the amount of strenuous dancing you can do as well, we taught a wonderful master-class to local dancer, actors and acrobats at the Kusikay Theatre. They were great movers, very engaged and interested in new forms of movement. Their physicality was awesome! Many people were from a local show that I am going to check out their show Monday night after our show on Sunday.

Yesterday we rehearsed in the theatre and Sarah, Laura, Richard and Susan began work with our DVD projection needs and tweaked the music into the wee hours of the night. They are tireless in their commitment!! Thank you!!!

Our light designer on tour is my old friend Qui Que who I met in Lima years ago. He is bilingual and so talented in staying calm and getting the job done. He begins work late tonight focusing lights.
Yesterday Renzo our host helped us buy baskets as props for one of our dances from a great lady at the local market. Renzo has been great to take care of us as we manuever from rehearsals thru the city. He is a very good dancer and artist as well.

Today many of our group are going to Macchu Picchu. They just left the hotel and now I am going to run to get ready to go to the Sacred Inca Valley with Kelly. It is one of my favorite places in the world, especially the open market at Pisac.

More soon, tomorrow is a long day!


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