Monday, June 8, 2009

Magnificent Machu Picchu

Katie and Sarah at Machu Picchu

From dancer Sarah Halzack:

Yesterday was the day I had been most looking forward to - our trip to Machu Picchu. First of all, it is quite a trek to get there! We left Cusco on a bus which brought us to a train station. From there, we took a four-hour train ride through the Andes. This, in itself was pretty spectacular, with massive peaks surrounding us on either side. At many points during the ride, you can't see a single sign of modern human civilization - no houses, no power lines. It was a reminder of how remote Machu Pcchi really is and how astounding it is that the Incas were able to get there and then build something so functional and beautiful without contemporary tools or machinery.

After the train dropped us off in a small village called Aguas Calientes ("Hot Springs") we took another bus to get to the ruins.

When we finally arrived, the view was breathtaking. We walked to a high peak where we could look down and see the entire sight. We saw all the winding, intricate stone and the golf-course-perfect spreads of grass, all nestled between some seriously huge and truly majestic mountains.

Our tour guide explained to us that Machu Picchu was never a place for ordinary Incan families. It was solely inhabited by elite members of society, including high priests and priestesses. And that seemed to make sense walking around the site, you can really feel something spiritual and other worldly about it.

With the exception of the thatched roofs which have long since deteriorated we learned that nothing at Machu Picchu is restored or refurbished. I thought that was pretty impressive! It really speaks to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Inca people. I also thought that channels for running water and the terraced farming plains were interesting to see.

Then it was back to Cusco to rest up for our show! I think all the dancers agree the lack of oxygen at this high altitude will be our biggest challenge. Still, I know we will do our best and put on a great show.


Florian makes friends with one of the llamas that roam the ruins

Miyako and Shu-Chen strike a ballet pose


Kike said...


Welcome to Lima!

Do you have another presentation apart from the festival at ICPNA? Maybe at San Marcos?
Because the prices at ICPNA are expensive from some people, like me. And thursday i have classes.

Thanks for the request

A big hug for you


Brooke Sabin said...

What a great shot---high arabesques amongst the high peaks! Looks like the trip is off to a great start!