Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cusco Performance

Sights along the way to the theater in Cusco

Our performance in Cuzco was great!

We had a very warm, large audience that was riveted by the dances. We were in the theater all day and night setting up for the show. As the hot high Andean sun drops so does the temperature and by evening we were in a freezing theater! The dancers are such professionals and of course our tech team was a amazing! Sara, Laura, Richard and Susan worked tirelessly to make sure that our music and projections went off flawlessly. Everyone rallies and pushes through to present the very best product possible.

While sitting in the wings of the theater watching the show, I was struck by the beauty of each of our dancers and the amazing professionalism that they bring to the company. After performing some people had to run into the wings for oxygen which was dispensed from spray cans to keep going. The altitude is a challenge here. I kept thinking that the dance is so magical an experience for the audience and unless you are a dancer, one would never know the amount of work that goes into every show.

Cuzco is a magical city and the opportunity to perform and interact with Peruvian artists here has been quite wonderful.


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Lynda said...

wow, running for O2 - you're right we don't know what interesting things happen behind the scenes. you should write a book.
thanks for blogging about the trip.